Tango Cherries – Marathon de mi Barrio, 2016, Hamburg (Germany)

daytime dancing, credits: Katharina Sigel
daytime dancing, credits: Katharina Sigel

To establish a new tango marathon in a city where a famous and heavily asked one is already organized is not an easy task. The higher I appreciate the efforts taken to found a new marathon in my home town, Marathon de mi Barrio.

With a very short time to organize (around 3 months only) a group of young tango dancers built an impressive event in the oldest tango location of Hamburg, Universo Tango. The location is built-in big similarity to tango locations in Buenos Aires, since the owers moved from there to Germany many, many years ago. It’s located in the basement of a back yard building, but there have been rooms for changing, chilling and refreshments at the first floor. The location is in the center of the city, surrounded by alternative clubs, project houses, little kioscos where the young crowds chill out at nights on the streets, a very urban and lively part of the city. That made it quite interesting for guests from outside of Hamburg.

credits: Katharina Sigel
cabeceo preparations, credits: Katharina Sigel

The dancing crowd has been half local, half international, and because of the limited size of the location is has been a rather cosy event.

I had tango teacher friends visiting from the states, and they seemed happy to have this event to dance at the night – compared to our local milongas there have been way more dancers to enjoy a tanda, a chat, a glass of wine and a good laugh. For daytime dancing I unfortunately I can not tell anything, since I have been busy showing my visitors around my beautiful city. Same goes for the food, I apologize.

In Universo Tango there is a wooden flor, and the sound system is well adapted to the room. The DJ line up has been very international, and my personal best DJ set has been from Ala ma Lisa.

nighttime dancing, credits: Katharina Sigel
nighttime dancing, credits: Katharina Sigel

The marathon has been well role balanced, and provided for many local dancers, who usually do not travel much, a snippet of the international tango scene flavor. The dance level has been mixed, from beginner to professional.

As far as I know it is not decided yet if there will be another event following this one, but for the local tango scene it has been a very nice enhancement of horizons. All the local dancers who usually do not get onto the participants list of the other, famous marathon we have, could take part. This is a very valuable contribution to the growing of our local scene, of our local dancers, which I hope will be continued in the future.

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