Tango Cherries – Mattstedt Marathon, 2016 (Germany)


I come back almost every year to this quiet rural place … since I wrote about it already twice here you will get more pictures (all credits by: TiTango Photography), and less text.

What was new? The best freshly baked bread ever here at the location in an outdoor oven is now accompanied by: pizza! If you want to see how a hungry pack of tango dancers pitch into tables full of big pizzas – come here. Have a look. But be aware, because of the smell you might not be able to watch, but have to join the pack ….

morning view
Morning view

The Weather has been so fine this year, lots of swimming could be done and even some tangos were danced in the water.

The outdoor dance floor has been rebuilt and is now bigger than before, so more people can dance at the afternoon sessions.


Food has been quite good this year, but many people as well enjoyed just a simple piece of the bread with butter or cream cheese …. the simple things give the best taste, sometimes.

relax ...
relax …

The milongas have been nice and only one DJ didn’t meet my taste of music to be played. My personal favorite  DJ set have been from Age Akkerman, NL. The level of dancing has been intermediate to advanced, with a very relaxed approach and friendly communication.

afternoon dancing
afternoon dancing

Another mini vacation for me, with friends around, sunshine, filled with laugher and joy.

Not having mobile network can be a big advantage, you can just let your phone in your room or tent and be free! Stay in the moment, not disturbed by anything. Except maybe the wasp wanting her fair share of your jam … 🙂

See you next year!

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