Tango Cherries – MSTF Porec 2015, Croatia 2015

I don’t know if it is the biggest tango festival in the world – but it is really, really big. The last years I have been somehow afraid of it, simply because of the amount of people. A close friend eventually talked me into trying it, and I have to say: it’s gorgeous to be there.

Imagine a quiet vacation at the adriatic sea side, combined with some fun activities like pool tango parties (dancing inside the pool as well as on an outdoor dance floor), the legendary boat trip (no tango, but party as hard as you can while cruising the sea), tango workshops and shows with world class maestros and all night long milongas until the morning dawns.

Tango_Cherries-MSTF_Porec_CroatiaThe night milongas are held in a huge sports hall, with perfect aircon, super wooden floor, good sound system and a thousand tango addicts. It did not seem to have a heavy gender imbalance, although tickets are sold independent of dance role or sex.

Accommodation varies depending on budget from reasonable priced shared apartments to 4 star half board luxury hotels. Reaching porec isn’t so easy if you don’t come by car. There are some flights to pula (nearest airport) or to trieste, then you take a public bus or taxi, or you fly to venice and take the ferry.

Dancewise many people from all over europe come there, even from other continents, dance levels vary, but the ronda has been quite good. It can happen that you see some friends on pictures after the event, and you did not manage to meet them or dance with them there, but you will meet many other/new dancers instead …

Impressing beside the dance-related topics is the smooth organization, the calm organizers, the well selected DJ’s, and last but not least a proper website with error-less functionality and a one of a kind level of responsiveness in answering emails and other questions from guests and teachers.

Rovinj 2015, happy girls.
Rovinj 2015, happy girls.

The surrounding landscape invites for day trips with scooters or a rental car, some busses go as well if you have time for proper planning. So if you come, take some days off and enjoy wonderful croatia!

I have an appointment with 3 fellow tangueras for next year in Rovinj, so come and party with us!

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