Tango Cherries – MSTF Porec, 2016, Croatia

This year my Porec experience topped more or less everything I had before in my tango life. I feel very blessed, because 2 months before I had a kind of tango crisis and decided to go to less events, to dance less tango. Still I had my flights booked, and a good friend to share my apartment with, so I sticked to my travel plans, and I am so happy about it!

Night Milonga at Zatika Hall, credits: Tango Paparazzo/MTSF

About infrastructure you can read in last years Cherry, so what changed this year? We had new tiles on the terrace of the pool milongas, but I preferred to not dance there too much, since it has been simply too hot, and for me and my sensitive knees a too rough/”too hard to pivot” floor. But many people danced, so it can’t be bad at all. The pre-party this year has been held in another sports hall and not in the outdoor area of the restaurant at the beach, so we had a proper wooden floor. Small downer: the big queue of people waiting at the check-in and entrance. It reminded me to the teenage-years when I tried to enter these top notch night clubs with a very hard door policy 🙂 It seemed the organizers were a bit surprised from the mere amount of people coming spontaneously without pre-registration.

The weather and my mood have been incredible nice this year. I spent many lazy hours at the beach and around the pool milongas, swimming, chilling, chatting, and dining out nicely (-> go for fish and truffles!). We have been again for a day in Rovinj (a must!), enjoyed the privately organized master sprizz versus miss gin cocktail battle (awesome!), and have eaten tons of yummi fresh fruits from the local market.

Pool Milonga
Pool Milonga, Credits: Tango Paparazzo/MSTF

The night milongas lasted again until the morning and where nicely crowded, but with enough space to dance. My personal favorite DJ set has been the one of Osky Casas. The shows have been very beautiful, and people seemed to enjoy the lessons as well as far as I heard (I didn’t attend any classes myself). Same with the legendary boat trip: I have been too lazy, so you need to see the pictures and ask around about it, but it looked like everybody has been very happy partying there!

If I could make a wish for next year: the only point I became desperate about has been the website structure. Being there on the beach I simply wanted to know which DJ plays that night. I was unable to find this info. I saw tons of beautiful pictures, but no schedule. I felt quite a bit dumb blond … Later I learned, that below the menu “Festival Info” (so far so good) the info is not under “Events”. You had to click on “Registration”, to find another menu called “Party Schedule”. So my dear friends, I would never even think of clicking on “Register”, when I am already in Porec and checked in ….

Beside this peanuts my conclusion is: in the 5 nights I attended the milongas I danced every tanda with inspiring music and me being inside of Zatika hall. No marathon and no other event ever let me not sitting a single tanda when I wanted to dance. There were almost all of my European preferred best dancers, keen on dancing with me, and they were so many! On top the professionals had a good time mingling with people in the pool as well as dancing socially in the milongas. After 3 nights of dancing I still had a bunch of names on my mental list of undanced leaders I urgently needed to dance with. So for the very first time I enjoyed very much the huge size of the event, and that it attracts a lot of good dancers from all over Europe and Argentina.

If you happen to not knowing many people there, dancing can become a bit of a lottery. Dancing skills and levels have been widely spread, I spotted absolute beginners beside the pro’s, so you will never know what kind of dance partner you got until you embrace them. Luckily the Zatika hall has several clear “pick up” zones, where standing as a follower clearly states that you are available to dance, and lights are bright enough to enable miradas/cabeceos. I could see these zones crowded in the cortinas and often very empty after the first song, so partnering up worked out well there all the time.

Tango-wise I had the time of my life. Thank you, dear MSTF people, for this incredible days of bliss and joy!

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