Tango Cherries – Noches de Hungría 2014, Budapest, Hungary

It’s high season for tango marathons right now – only one week after the impressing Moscow trip there has been noches, one of the most prestigious tango marathons in europe, waiting for me. Sometimes I think organizers of events with so many registrations and a ratio of 1:4 (spots to inscriptions) must suffer a lot in rejecting so many people. Lucky us who made it on the list!

The pre-milonga this time took place in the foyer of the Urania building, so we danced in a wonderful golden decorated old school ballroom environment. The dance floor was quite crowded, and unfortunately somehow my tanguero and me crushed our feet together. I danced the song until the end, feeling a bad pain in my toe. Watching down did not make me feel better: blood all over, looked like a vampire video shooting … hell, the first evening, my second tanda – should this ruin my noches???

Actually, I decided to not being bothered too much from this “collateral damage”. A mixture of pain killers (thanks my friend!), white wine and band aids took me through the nights, hilarious nights, by the way!

Noches is definitely one of the high level marathons, the organizers carefully select the dancing crowd. Nobody gets in without them knowing you, your dancing capabilities, and your personality, or at least gathering some information about you from common friends. Though every year there are new faces on the floor, making sure there is a good chance of meeting your friends and making new ones.

Since it is one of the larger events (350 dancers), I had been musing that in smaller events I tend to get to know more unknown leaders. My willingness to risk something new seems to be higher in smaller places with fewer people. In bigger events I dance mainly with the people I know already – which is not very logical, since there are many more options to meet new dancers in large events. Crazy tango world!

The after party had been held on the Danube river, the boat illuminated so beautifully, that I always feel my heart melting. What a lovely evening to say good-bye, romantic as a candle light dinner, and filled with the spirit of the so much care taking organizing trio.

See you soon, beloved Budapest(ers)!

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