Tango Cherries – Oktober Fiesta 2014, Berlin, Germany

Tango Cherries – Oktober Fiesta 2014, Berlin, Germany

Personally I really like the way this event is organized. Starting with: folks, sorry, this year the oktober fiesta is in september, I hope u don’t mind …

We all did not mind and came from all over europe to party a weekend in berlin. This year the organizers faced a specific challenge: oktober fiesta has been held the same weekend as tango salon festival in Lodz, so it was kind of proof how loyal “oktober fiestivists” are 😉 (they are very loyal, the event was full!)

It’s a really lush marathon. People are relaxed, but there is quite a good ronda, and level of dancing is medium-high. Floor and location is exquisite (Mala Junta, Berlin).

One DJ unfortunately at the prime time “managed” to empty the floor quite much: long rows of waiting followers at the walls, few couples dancing, and lots of leaders chilling, chatting and resting in the other room. It changed when the next DJ started with a nice D’Arienzo tanda, which woke up the people.

I think leaders – frankly spoken – decide quickly if they enjoy the kind of music played, and if not they leave the venue or sit down and chill. Followers seem to even hope to catch a dance when they don’t really like the music, they might feel that they can not “afford” to sit out a whole DJ shift, or to leave, because of maybe missing nice tandas, or because music is not so important – I don’t know.

Conclusion: it’s good to know the DJ sets in advance, so one can adapt her/his personal “schedule of attendance” to it.
At all I enjoyed the event very much, I had a lot of nice tandas, jokes, chats, meals (the banana cake … sigh!), and pleasure. Bar staff was very charming, and the organizer himself managed to dance with all (almost all?) attending ladies – what a wonderful attitude! Thanks, folks, hope to see u next year!

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