Tango Cherries – OktoberFiesta Marathon, 2016, Berlin, Germany

Tango Cherries – OktoberFiesta Marathon, 2016, Berlin, Germany

One of the traditional marathons held in Berlin is the OktoberFiesta. Some years it is happening even at the end of september to the amusement of attendees, but this year it has been “correct” on a october date.

Organized by a well know tanguero from Ireland it is somehow a special event. It is not following any kind of fashion, but just the ideas and taste of the organizer, which provides a lot of stability in what to expect and what not. You can expect a tango marathon in the original idea: put together a wooden floor, sound system, bar, food, DJ’s, and dancers. Means: no photographers, no videographers, no shoes or clothes to sell, no shows, no classes, no live music, no frills. Some people like that a lot, some feel it is a bit fallen out of time – tastes differ.

At least if you come to dance, you can enjoy the wonderful location of Mala Junta tango school in Berlin, which comes with an excellent floor and nice sound, a well stocked bar and some friendly people from all over the world. It can be packed some times on the floor, but the ronda this year has been quite nice and people have been rather peaceful than barging. DJ’s have been a nice selection and almost all I enjoyed.

I had the chance to see many friends I haven’t met in a while, so I spend a good amount of time talking in the other room, which is a nice chill out area with sofas. Food is served here as well, so the crowd splits up a bit at dinner time, which eases dancing and queuing for food.

Since Berlin is easy (and cheap) to reach and offers a lot of affordable accommodation the events here usually attract many people from abroad, which makes the events quite international and every time you can get to know new dance partners, new friends.

See you next year!

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