Tango Cherries – Pandora Olympus Marathon, 2016, Plaka, Greece

Breakfast View
Breakfast View

If you  follow the gods, you will wake up at Pandora Olympus Marathon. Located in Greece, right beside Mount Olympus at the seaside. Caressed from the sunshine and surrounded by greens and fresh air, the tango dancer finds himself in a luxurious hotel with one of the most impressing views. Sitting on a lush terrace for breakfast, brunch, or a coffee, the view is breath-taking. A pool, bushes, lavender, flowers, and: the sea.


Beside our spoilt eyes we enjoyed an exclusive cuisine. Never have I seen so many food-gasms in the faces of my fellow tangueras and tangueros. Silent dinners, because we were so busy tasting, savoring, rejoicing.

Excellent local wines and a very nice level of service added up to a truly indulging experience.

After the first dinner I though by myself: even if I don’t get any good tanda, these days will be happy days, right because of the beautiful place, the beach, the spa, the pool, the food, and the friends.

Fortunately my tandas were very nice as well. It has been a small crowd, well-selected, and well-balanced. The dancing level spread from intermediate to high, and people have been quite friendly and open with each other.

Sprizzzzz Session
Sprizzzzz Session

Some of the participants stayed in another hotel, a 15 minutes walk from the venue, but since I haven’t been there I can’t say anything about the quality of accommodation there.

In the main venue the rooms have been luxurious, some with a sea view, some with a view to mount Olympus, some with jacuzzi on the terrace, and all with very comfortable beds. Sure, staying there is not a cheap thing. But it’s so relaxing.

The dance hall had big windows to the sea-side as well, a wooden floor and good sound system. The DJ’s enjoyed their sets as much as the dancers and a spontaneous outdoor milonga in the afternoon was only shifted to the dance hall because of some other hotel guests, who seem to not enjoy tango music as we do … so next time ,with enough participants to fill up the hotel (49 rooms), we will have some more outdoor dancing.

On saturday afternoon there has been a “sprizzz” session, as some might know from Porec and other occasions. Lovely!

Moments of joy and passion, fun and intensity have been captured by the tango paparazzi, so everybody took home some pictures of decent tandas, jokes, and moments with friends. It’s very nice to have this kind of wonderful memories to share with your loved ones, friends, and fellow dancers.

I didn’t want to leave on monday morning. I hoped so much to get a text message of a cancelled flight … but there has been no mercy with me. The only thing I can do now, back home, is dreaming and waiting for the next years edition to come.

Pandora Olympus Marathon 2016
View from the hotel main hall to the pool and the sea

Bonus Track: the sound of happy tangueras after breakfast – the sound of Pandora 🙂

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