Tango Cherries – Pfingst-Festivalito Mattstedt 2015, Germany

Tango Cherries – Pfingst-Festivalito Mattstedt 2015, Germany

As last year I decided to go to rural campo in the middle of nowhere, without proper mobile network, but with plenty of nature, food, laugher, and friends.

Mattstedt improved since last year in main infrastructure: first they have built their own oven, and the bread baked there is so delicious, that I have eaten a lot, just the fresh, yummi bread with butter and salt, and it’s heaven.

As well the outdoor dance floor on the terrace is now double as sized as before, and we had nice relaxed hours there, sitting in the yard, on the grass, dancing, eating, napping, chatting … it feels sometimes like a big holiday camp for tangueros and tangueras, spending a long weekend in a bubble of endless floating through time and music.

The milongas in the barn had excellent DJ’s, the wonderful wooden floor, magic lights, and the special energy of this place. I felt spoilt by so many good dancers and tandas, funny conversations, and warm hugs.

The caterer seemed to be new, his calculations where not yet adapted fully to the amount of people eating, but he will improve with experience I’m sure. The food was ok, one evening has been a vegetarian only meal, which is not my cup of tea, but … the exquisite bread calmed it for me. Not to forget the cake: same like last year, the smell of it made us all getting alert, and as soon as they bring it, a humming crowd of dancers and kids is around and in shortest time it is: gone. Eaten. Yeah!

I feel already home there, somehow, and look forward to come back, to chill, dance, hug, relax. To leave all problems behind, to just live the moment, without my mobile phone, just real life. May the sun be with us again!

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