Tango Cherries – Prague Tango Marathon 2015, Czech Republic

Tango Paradise – what else do I need to write? The Prague marathon has everything what I want, what I need, what I love.
It is again in my top 3 marathons in europe, it’s known for being so good these days and many people want to come, and not all can be accepted. Being one of the people who attended the first version 2 years ago I can only state that it is still amazing, lovely, warmhearted, perfectly organized, super friendly and all people who can be there: feel blessed.

Facts: you have a beautiful location with wooden floor, wonderful decoration and a very good spirit. You have a carefully selected gender balanced crowd with a quite high level of dancing skills, but friendly and open minded. You have awesome DJ’s. You have tasty and yummi food, including specific dishes for different needs (vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free), it is enough food there at all times, and with a very good quality.

You have staff who serves all the time, cleaning tables, dishes, glasses, like in a good restaurant. You have a pretty relaxed orga-team who is willing to help u with whatever wish or need at all times.

There are enough options to sit, around the dance floor, remotely on the stage, and on tables. You have a clearly and easy to spot “embarking area”, where all the followers make sure to get a dance when they take a seat there. Leaders usually stand at the side on the way to the bar when wanting to dance, so mirada and cabeceo work pretty well and super easy.

You have an adjustable aircon in the venue, so it’s not too hot and not too cold, because depending on the weather and the amount of people dancing the organizers manage the temperature.

You have excellent “side services” available, especially I enjoyed the massage guys (very high quality of work!!) and the sewing service (free of charge!!).

You have a hotel close by with different priced rooms, from rather cheap (but clean and functional) to more luxurious (modern furniture and included use of swimming pool and gym). Right on the way from the hotel to the venue there is a nice modern cafe which serves 100% arabica made latte, espresso and other coffee specialties.

Actually I don’t find any point I would like to address to the organizers what to improve.

I can only say: please continue, please make it happen again, please take our excitement as a big compliment for your work. I feel that you all, helpers, organizers, service staff, chefs, bar keepers, love what u do. That you like us being your guests and customers. That you care about our needs, wishes, and ideas, more than you care about your own needs. And this attitude means a lot to me, because it is not the ordinary one.

I will make sure to be back next year, from where ever I need to book my flight.

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