Tango Cherries – Remolino Mattstedt Marathon 2014, Germany

Mattstedt 2014
Mattstedt dancing in the hall. Credits: Dorothea Vent

Travelling to Mattstedt is always a challenge. Not only that you have barely no mobile network there, the remoteness of the place is also guaranteed by the simple impossibility to get there via a freeway, a nice german autobahn. To reach paradise you need to suffer from beautiful, but slowly going small streets, in front of your car you will have always a truck or – even better – a tractor, thus forced to enjoy the views of the landscape and slow down your mind and speed.

Arriving there is diving into something vacational, people slow down automatically. No rush, no watches, nobody is running (except the kids), but there is time to hug all your friends, sit down, talk, and start to forget about time and your day-to-day life.

Welcome to rural tango bliss.

The size of the event is just right to dance with all your friends twice a day, and explore new dancers as well. The friendly, open and warm atmosphere is definitely one of the secrets of remolino mattstedt. I very much like that you will find cosy places to sit and chat everywhere, chairs, hammocks, grass, steps, couches, not to forget “mattstedt beach”, even the not yet remodeled parts of the old mill invite you to walk in, sit down in the dust of the past and enjoy watching the sky through the missing roof.

Mattstedt 2014
Mattstedt outdoor dancing. Credits: Ivo Chauveau Photographie

The style of dancing has been spread out from nuevo lovers to close embrace addicts, which is different from many other marathons, where close embrace is the mayor style in these days. The level of knowledge and dancing varied, too, so if the dance floor has been crowded it tended to be quite bumpy – seems some of the dancers are not (yet) used to dance on packed floors, or maybe are not aware of the importance of keeping the ronda and not dancing zig-zag.

All my friends with tents needed to be tough cookies this time because it was raining and also chilly at night, I admire you all!

But in the morning there was a feast of breakfast waiting, and I want to share my general enthusiasm for the food crew with you: they really like to deal with yummy food, and they enjoy serving the guests, you can see, feel, and taste it. It’s this moment in the afternoon, when the smell of freshly baked cake is tickling your nose, and it’s the hilarious short time in which a big, big baking tray is emptied by a knot of people, stopping to dance to run after poppy seed or rhubarb cake, munching and smiling.

Management summary: excellent DJ’s, wooden floor, relaxed hosts, tender tandas
-> happy crowd. Happy me. See you next year!

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