Tango Cherries – SPQR Marathon 2016, Rome

Italy … some of my follower friends like it so much that I sometimes think they will move there just because of the Italian dancers. My own experiences in contrast have been quite bad, except La Latina I have been somehow unlucky all the times I tried to go dancing in Italy. May it be that I am tall, or simply had bad luck in chosing the wrong events, but it took me 3 years of trying!

Rome, sunny
Rome, sunny

But like one of my favorite singer / songwriter Anna Ternheim sings: “The longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss “. I have been ready for a nice marathon in italy 🙂

If you read: Rome, you might think of Collosseum and all the other stuff somebody would go and see as a tourist. Honestly: I confess I haven’t seen anything except the airport, the metro, our apartment, the pasticceria around the corner and the marathon venue. It has been so sunny and warm, way to hot to go into the city centre (because the marathon venue has been located at the final metro stop in an outskirt area of Rome). Or: dancing and food, laughing and chatting has been so nice …

On my fact sheet I have a wooden floor, good sound system and very well working aircon and ventilation. Proper DJ’s completed with a medium-sized and gender balanced (more or less) crowd with many Italians, but a significant amount of foreigners added up to a nice marathon. The dancing level has been from intermediate to pro, with a core area of upper intermediate dancers.

The food has been served on plastic plates and with plastic cutlery, for a German used to almost religiously carried out waste separation and waste prevention this is a hard cultural shock. But the food itself has been tasty and enough for everyone.

The location lacked for my personal taste some sofas and chill out area (so we escaped to the pasticceria for chatting, coffee, apero), but there were many chairs around the dance floor. So all ladies found appropriate seating options for stretched out miradas or just watching the other dancers. We had nice daylight through big windows, and a shower in the changing room.

For all participants staying in hotels a bit farther away there has been a scheduled free shuttle service, and the pasticceria 100 m away impressed us with cookies, cafe, sprizzzz and many more delicious italian goodies.

Over all it has been a pleasurable experience, and I hope I changed now my pattern of Italian event experiences and all events to come will be nice!

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