Tango Cherries – Sultans of Istanbul Tango Marathon 2015, Turkey

Turkish delights are a very good description of the event.

Coming there right after Christmas and spending a week full of turkish hospitality, melting tandas and joyful life (even if there has been 6 out of 7 days full of rain, snow and wind), I almost can not imagine a better way to surf into a new year!

The marathon has been organized for the first time and yes, there is room for some improvement, like in all first attempts. The event itself took place in a nightclub-building in the entertainment area of Istanbul, very close to Istiklal Caddesi (the main pedestrian road south of Taksim square) and all the restaurants, shops, and clubs. We had 2 floors, upstairs for dinner and below for dancing, wooden floor with good sound, and a bar!

Dancing level has been quite high, and I’d say it has been a medium-sized event with a good balance. I have seen moments of clear surplus of men (yeah yeah yeah – once every while we followers so badly need to see this!), but also some moments where followers were waiting. Fair!

The food was offered by a caterer, and for me it has been a bit hard to get used to eat from plastic trays (instead from plates), with plastic cutlery, and every time I drank water I had to use a new plastic cup. No chance to put my name on it. After all I felt not so good because we have produced a big amount of waste.

((sidenote: I really enjoyed the firecracker-free city around new years eve, so if you are after fireworks it is possibly not the best place to be, but if you are afraid of the detonations it is heaven! Same with cats: if you are allergic to cats it’s not so funny, but if you like cats, you will like this city and the street cats everywhere: beautiful, proud, elegant divas!))

After the marathon there has been organized a series of nice after parties, plus local milongas to explore, so we all got a lot of our deserved tango bliss. New years milonga was a warm-hearted dancing into the new year, some fruit punch at midnight, a lot of happy new year wishes and kisses, and then: go back to dancing …

Additionally: going for a fishbread in the morning to the fish market, having a full turkish breakfast at cozy cafes, and going to all the magical places in gorgeous Istanbul makes it a wonderful experience.

I think most of all will come back, and we will bring our friends, and our friend’s friends! So Istanbul, Sultans, be prepared!

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