Tango Cherries – Tango Heaven Dresden 2014, Germany

Arriving is impressive: a huge areal with a big place and a central high and big building, nicely remodeled, surrounded by smaller barracks, to your left remodeled, to your right in a very old, fragile and bad condition. Contradictions for your eyes.
Tango Heaven Dresden 2014_7As we learned in a guided architectural tour organized especially for us, before the marathon started, the whole areal was built as a school for rhythm and movement in 1911-1913. Wow, what great minds had great ideas in this time, and spent lots of money on it. Soon there were big political challenges in europe, and also this school worked with the original purpose only a few years. Later it was occupied by german military forces and used as barracks, after 1945 russian military used it. And after the wall came down in 1989 people in Dresden remembered the area, and soon started to collect money to rebuilt it in its whole beauty. I hope they will be successful in the end!

So we danced tango in this beautiful place constructed to teach new forms of movement in the early 1910s – I like!
The marathon I would call a “dolce vita marathon” – hot sunny weather, a beautiful place with nice greens around, relaxed participants and team, a pasta restaurant with italian coffee, which worked as the caterer too (tasty pasta till u drop!), a nice bar with a solid selection of wines and spirits, and yes, sprizzzzz!

Luckily the aircon worked well, and the team was very attentive to little problems like floor conditions and technical challenges. I myself had a lot of nice chats with my follower friends – due to a gender imbalance we’ve tried to have a good time even if the chances to dance were limited.

The team and this beautiful venue can easily host more dancers than in the first edition, so the marathon has a big potential for future releases I believe.

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