Tango Cherries – Tango Jam 2014, Hamburg, Germany

Jammin’ with friends – what a perfect description of the event! From the very first moment I felt welcome, in a cosy, warm decorated place (ok, it’s the place of my regular milongas, too, and I love it) with a relaxed international crowd and a fully attentive team.

Sometimes the friday of a marathon is a bit tight – but not here. It felt like coming home, lay down and relax on the sofa and spend a weekend with your best friends visiting you. To create and keep this kind of spirit all the freakin’ little details have to be managed properly by the organizers, and they did: a decent amount of friendly good dancers and excellent DJ’s, really gender balanced, an excellent wooden floor, a good sound system, beautiful lighting (you could mirada/cabeceo across the whole room), easy accessible dance floor (four corners to entry and exit), delicious food (hmmmmmm), and aperol sprizzzzzzzzz …. and a nice lounge area to chill after the aperol sprizz.

But most important: the team. Every guest could see and feel that the people working there did it with their heart. It’s not only about cooking and serving food, cleaning, or walking around and taking used glasses. It’s the way they did it. With smiles. Unobtrusive. Efficient. Asking the guests if they have a good time, or need anything. Dancing happily in between their working shifts. And when I forgot my dress in the changing room I wrote a message in the middle of the night, and half an hour later my stuff was collected and handed over to the friends staying in my house. Wow. Thanks!

So I had some very funny moments there (dancing a fast and furious milonga right after having a big plate of pasta …), some very intense dramatic tandas, a lot of good chats, I made new friends, I met old ones, and I never lost this good feeling from the very beginning.

The Wednesday after, sitting in the same location in my regular milonga, I felt a little sad, suddenly, because memories came up to my mind from the weekend, and I felt a huge longing for more of this spirit, but also I felt happy to have been part of it. And I smiled.

Like my friend Abdullah wrote: god jam it!

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