Tango Cherries – Tango Jam, 2016, Hamburg (Germany)

The marathon venue
The marathon venue, credits go to Ade

It is not easy to write the third review of an event in your home town …. but since it impressed me another time I will try to describe what changed, what stayed the same, and what is good to know.

A marathon in your home town has one big advantage: you can sleep in your own bed. And if you happen to have some friends who want to stay with you, it can be a very nice weekend full of dining with friends, having long breakfasts together, some joking and exchange about the dancers, and a lot of good stories and laughter. Additionally you can show your friends your most beloved places in your city, not only the touristic hot spots. It has been this way last year and this year again I convinced some friends to visit Hamburg. It has been a gorgeous weekend.

Daytime dancing
Daytime dancing, credits go to Ade

The location is still the same (the best tango place we have in town), the DJ’s were well-selected, the food has been great again (thanks to Augusto, our portuguese tango-chef). At the bar we had some real tanguero-baristas, making good coffee, good sprizzzz, and some other fancy cocktails. Charming with all of us, taking their job there seriously, just to turn out to be dancers after their shift ended.

The dancers: superb. Quite high level of both dancing and social abilities, melting tandas and rocking the floor. I had a lot of fun just watching people dance, listening to the music, as well as  dancing myself more than usually, more than expected. I even danced a lot at the after party.

Daytime dancing II
Daytime dancing II, credits go to Ade

The pre-party has been a small down side, it has been very crowded and I left after only 2 tandas. I felt there was no air to breathe. Maybe their ventilation broke down, whatever, I could not stay. The happier I have been about the marathon itself, with air and light, good sound and the right amount of people for the place. There always has been at least a little space. I hardly spotted people kicking or touching each other too much while dancing. I guess the good level of all dancers helped keeping a good ronda and a respectful behaviour on the floor.

My personal best DJ set has been from Goran, but it is very hard to choose one out of this great DJ selection. The organizing team and helpers again did a great job, they solved all kind of problems and made us feel in tango heaven. God jam it!

It’s great to have such an event hosted in your home town, and I feel lucky I could be a part of it. See you next year, hopefully! The organizing team has been challenged with some changes, but as far as I know there is already a date set for next year. Thumbs up!


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