Tango Cherries – Tango Marathon Berlin, April, 2014

Berlin, the city I’ve been living in for more than a dozen years. I left in 2010 and did not dance at that time, so all my friends from my old times are non tango related.

The tango marathon I’ve been to is, to make it short, not my cup of tea. It’s a nice location with a wooden floor, an old charming industrial building, some of the rotten and dusty charm of berlin. There was plenty of good food and some friends – but somehow I could not tune in, I could not get a connection to the marathon crowd. It seemed to me like a closed group of people – even though I knew some of them I could not manage to get in.

I had some nice tandas before dinner on friday, but after that dances occurred rarely, and I wonder if I exhaled some strange kind of bad energy or if just me and this marathon do not fit. I spotted some other “lost souls” around the twirling crowd, but like always in life you want to be rather part of the crowd than sitting and watching their amusement.

It happened to me that right when I asked myself if I really want to stay there for longer an invitation for an asado with some of my old friends popped up on my phone. So I spend only 2 hours at the marathon on saturday and then happily left the place, going to the countryside in bright sunshine and spend the evening and night there. We talked about the good old times when we lived in the same building in Schöneberg, having parties together and enjoying bad jokes, lots of wine and stories about other neighbors.

Today I planned to go to dance, but then some breakfast invitation of other friends was much more tempting for me. Usually I always go for the tango when in doubt, but this time the tango was not calling me strong enough. In the end berlin stays the city where I don’t go to tango events, except the beloved high noon where the organizers somehow manage to gather a crowd I really like to be part of. Where I never doubt about going there or somewhere else, because I love the place, the people, and the spirit.

I’m looking forward to go to naples (wonder tango) on thursday, and I will write about it soon. Enjoy your sunday! Big hug!

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