Tango Cherries – Tangosause 2014, Bremen, Germany

The Tangosause in Bremen is an event with a long tradition. It’s organized by a team of very charming women with a strong feeling for lovely decoration and good process management and organization. A lot of the participants come every year, and so it’s a big hugging and waving “hello” in the beginning, everybody seems to know everybody.

For new faces it’s although surprisingly easy to get in contact with the crowd. If you like events like Phantastango or Taboe camp, you will like the sause as well. People here seem to have been growing in a nuevo style tango era, you see many people with contact improvisation background, and there is a lot of touching, hugging, and spreading the love.

The social life is one of the best I have seen so far, and I felt very welcome.

Unfortunately the events with a cozy social life seem to lack a bit of dancing quality. People focus on having a good time, not on keeping a good ronda. They try big moves and fancy combinations but miss precision in steps and balance. While dancing I have seen after half a song all three couples around us changed (in front of us, behind us, beside us in the second line). That’s a bit scary … people hop on the floor without any attempt of making eye contact with the upcoming leader, so dancing felt quite bumpy, and I have been hit by many people.

The music played is 1/3 nuevo/non/electro and 2/3 classic EdO, which is definitely one of the mayor differences to other marathons. For me personally most of the DJ-sets were very good, a few I did not like too much.

The food is all “bio”, ecologic, often vegetarian/vegan, and handmade/cooked with passion. There is a very tasty brunch worth getting up on time to get your fluffy croissant with homemade chocolate cream, the hand-cut fruit salad and the home-made tomato-butter – how delightful to sit in the sun with your fellow dance mates and enjoy this firework of tastes!

Ohhhh – I got very hungry while writing this, tasty memories, gotta go and get me some food!

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