Tango Cherries – Tangotage Leipzig 2015, Germany

This year I have been there for only the first 2 days, but what I have seen i liked much more than last year.

Both days the afternoon milongas have taken place in alma en vuelo, the location is still a wonderful and magic place. DJ’s were very good and managed the crowd very well, and I did not suffer as last year from bad ronda. I think some navigation skills have been improved, it has not been so crowded on thursday and on friday they opened a second dance floor with nuevo/non tango music, which kept the classic dance floor more smooth.

The evening milongas showed life music from “abriendo y cerrando” (the local tango orchestra) with (guest-)singer Andreas Küttner on thursday as well as from sexteto milonguero on friday. Both concerts parts I liked a lot, unexpectedly, and enjoyed some very nice tandas. A kind of pre-show from serkan and cecilia made the evening special on thursday, while a impro-theatre show on friday at least made us all lough a lot.

The location has been the same, the beautiful “Schaubühne Lindenfels”, with a quite slippery, but wooden floor and the special charme of this old building.

While the thursday night’s DJ let me have a lot of fun, the friday has been a disaster for my taste. No energy on the dance floor, boring combinations, and some basic DJ mistakes (mixing milongas and tangos in one tanda) let me shake my head a couple of times and add one more name on my personal list of “DJ’s I try to avoid resp. I would never invite”. And: No, I will not publish this list, ever!

If u consider going there next year, I strongly recommend buying tickets beforehand, because the prices at the door are tremendously high.

All in all I feel very happy that I came back this year, because people are very nice and friendly there, and level of shows and dancing improved. I’m quite sure I will stop by in 2016!

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