Tango Cherries – The Wonderful Copenhagen Marathon 2014, Denmark

View from the Tango Venue to the port
View from the Tango Venue to the port

I confess: I have a newcomer in my top 3 marathons of Europe, and it is the wonderful. I could stop writing now, to make it short. But maybe you are curious why I have a change in my internal “best of” list.

The wonderful has it all: friendly people and a high level of dancing, wonderful DJ’s, a good ronda, a nice onda, a venue to get down on your knees (you have the brunch with a view to sail boats and the sea), organizers who really care about everything, a decoration with tons of fresh flowers, tastefully arranged, and lots of candles.

Usually on Fridays in marathons the floor is bumpy, and everybody is so keen on dancing with his/her friends, that you barely meet somebody new. Not in Copenhagen: I haven’t met so many new friends in a marathon for a long time. Starting with already friday I danced with unknown leaders who were wonderful! Surprise, surprise!

On crowded floors people acted with a lot of responsibility (with some exceptions, sure), and if space opened up some couples seem to explode in big moves, only to come back to “phone booth”-tango after one song when it got crowded again. Very variable leaders I met!

My view from apartment
My view from apartment

I had rented a beautiful airbnb apartment, but I did not spend much time there – too lovely was the marathon place, too tasty was the food, too cozy were the couches to chill, too tempting was the music played, too friendly were these nodding heads from many leaders of my taste.

Perfectly gender balanced, they have very friendly bar staff from the helpers team, always offering to help you with whatever problem. Very useful in the morning, by the way, to find the thermos jar with tea or coffee, even if its written on it, they see your lunatic gaze, ask you and fill your cup …. oh dears!

First time of my dancing career I apologized to my leader because I felt his hand sliding like on a fish skin on my really sweaty, wet back. I simply danced too much, too fast, too excited, and no fabrics on my back in this dress. So I experienced some new scenes: my friend and me trying to dry ourselves below the hot air hand dryer in the ladies room. Since it is installed quite low, imagine us in the funniest contorted movements, ending up drying each other’s back with paper towels, and laughing, laughing, laughing.

Thanks to all who made it happen. I will be back next year, and I will squeeze myself below the hot air dryer again, esa!

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