Tango Cherries – Toulouse Marathon 2014, France

To be honest I’ve been very sceptical about tango in Toulouse. Last year I’ve been at the Tango Postale Festival, and it was unfortunately one of my worst tango experiences. A full festival of best agers, dressed like for escenario dancing, and skills (dancing, floorcraft, cabeceo) not much above zero. I remember very hard and stiff embraces and back pain after.

But I have some very important friends in Toulouse, so the new marathon was a very welcomed reason to go there for a whole week. I stayed with one of my friends and we spent a lot of time together – since she moved away from hamburg I really miss her a lot, and the happier I have been to see her. Since I promised to take her out for some tango we have been at a local milonga on thursday. I danced one tanda with a guy I remembered from the year before – and the rest of the time my friend danced and I watched the dance floor with curiosity and listened to the weird music the DJ played.

In contrary to the local milonga the marathon was very friendly and welcoming. It’s a small and cosy room with a nice wooden floor, a relaxing area some stairs above where you can watch the dancers, and the organizer created a very warm atmosphere. People were smiling, and the bar area was clearly the zone where – as a woman – you could easily state your wish to dance. with being there 🙂

Within the first song of every tanda almost all women at the bar were off to dance. Additionally there was a nice selection of tango shoes available, plenty of food and drinks, and I enjoyed being there very much. The DJ’s were giving me a lot of pleasure, especially Bärbel and Sasha really touched my heart with their sets. And to my surprise there have been quite a bunch of young good dancers from france, too, and it was a delight to dance in their arms, as it was in the arms of my well-known leader friends from all over europe.

I have to confess that because of some very important reasons (e.g. asado with friends! pastries with my friend! shoe shopping!) I missed some of the afternoon hours. Nevertheless I got a very delicious birthday cake, a big bottle of champagne which I shared immediately with my friends, and some nice birthday valses. What I really liked: after the first valse there were some more men waiting to get their share dancing with me, and the DJ just played a second valse for me, people were clapping hands after every change, and I felt like a princess of the night. Thank you, guys, ou made me feel fabulous!

So I left Toulouse with very nice memories and I will come back!

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