The future of 030tango

The old YouTube channel of 030tango will not come back. I tried to find a solution with the copyright owners several times, but it was like talking to a wall.
So what will happen next? The 030tango archive currently consists of around 1400 videos. To upload and prepare everything as it was (and also re-edit some of the earlier content) it will take around 90 days of work. Full time!

I won’t be able to do it all at once.

My current plan is to restart a YouTube channel at the 1st of March. Until then you can find some core content (specially of the couples supporting us on Patreon) on I will add more videos there the next days.

The order to bring back the content is not easy, but I decided on the following:
First the Top 50 videos of the old channel. Some of these performances are just so good, that I want to watch them again as fast as possible!
For logistical reasons I will then go couple by couple.
The order of this will be decided by our Patreon supporters. The couples who support 030 will obviously have a priority and all patrons will be able to tell whom they want to see first!

So if you got a couple with performances you really need to see again, head over to and help with that impossible decision!

All the best


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