UK Tango Championship 2017 – Tango de pista – Qualification Round 1

Watch Ronda 1 from the Qualification in Tango de pista of the UK Tango Championship and Festival 2017!

The dancers are (Couples with * moved on to the Semi-Final)
001 Kate Louise Miller and Yuri Bellicanta
*002 Mirella and Joao Carlos Santos David
*003 Mira van de Griendt and Santiago Onel
*004 Andra Jolly and Jeremie Chevillotte
*005 Irem Öztürk and Gøran Eliassen
*006 Maite Delafin and Andy Ong

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Recorded on 2017/03/31
#030tango #tango

Héctor Varela/Argentino Ledesma – Fueron tres años
Donato Racciatti/Nina Miranda – Gloria
Osmar Maderna/Pedro Dátila – Rebeldía

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